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Tigers News · Academic Recognition at Oakville High School

In early May, Oakville High School recognized our Academic Scholars!  The program was on Wednesday, May 3 during the flood of 2017.  Thank you to those families that attended!  It is a wonderful night where the high school can honor the academic achievement of all our students.

The Seniors are recognized for their academic success in the classroom.  As well as any special awards and department awards to recognize high accomplishments.  Additionally, Seniors are recognized for the scholarships they have received as they embark on their college journeys.  To date, the Class of 2017 has been offered $10,967,374 in scholarship money!

  • GPA’s 4.1 & Higher = 40 students
  • High Honors (3.5-4.0999) = 121 students
  • Honor (3.0-3.4999) = 77 students

The Juniors, Sophomores & Freshmen are recognized for their academic achievements at this event as well.

  • High Honors (3.5 & Above)
    • Juniors = 133 students
    • Sophomores = 146 students
    • Freshmen = 148 students
  • Honors (3.0 – 3.4999)
    • Juniors = 94 students
    • Sophomores = 80 students
    • Freshmen = 91 students

For a full list of names and accomplishments, please click on the link below for the full program > 2017 Awards Program updated

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