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Tigers News · Oakville Welcomes New Trainer – Keyana Smith

Keyana Smith, BS, LAT, ATC

Keyana Smith is entering her first year at Oakville and will be serving as the Head  Athletic Trainer.

Prior to coming to Athletico Physical Therapy and Oakville High School, she served as the sole Athletic Trainer for a chronic name changing semi-professional football team for 9 years as well as per diem work with Wheelock College. She moved to Missouri almost two years ago in search of new experiences.

Keyana earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training from Northeastern University in 2007, where she did co-operative studies with various schools and clinics in and around Massachusetts. The focus being but not limited to basketball, soccer, softball, and field hockey programs.

She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, where she attended the Noble and Greenough School. She was first introduced to Athletic Training in high school where she hyper-extended her knee playing basketball and was treated by her school’s Athletic Trainer.