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Multiple Teams · Athlete’s Guide to Prevention & Management of Skin Infections

Athlete’s Guide to Prevention and Management of Skin Infections

  • CLEAN.
    • Shower IMMEDIATELY following practice/competition with antibacterial soap
    • Wash hands with soap and warm water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, especially after changing a bandage or touching the infected wound.
    • Avoid whirlpools and common tubs if you have open wounds/scrapes
    • Use clean towels and clothing for practice/competition
    • Wash your athletic gear and towels after EACH use
    • Change practice clothing DAILY
    • Wear wrestling clothing ONLY for wrestling, bring separate clothing for PE
    • Keep wrestling gear and PE clothes in separate gym bag and locker
    • Store clean clothing and equipment separately from dirty clothing and equipment on trips/tournaments (large plastic bags work well)
    • Wash wrestling equipment AND gym bag, including wrestling shoes and headgear at least weekly with hot, soapy water
    • Maintain clean equipment and facilities
  • AVOID.
    • Sharing towels
    • Sharing razors
    • Sharing bar soap
    • Cosmetic shaving
    • Popping/picking at potential skin infections
  • COVER.
    • Cover open wounds/scrapes BEFORE practice/competition
    • Keep open wounds/scrapes covered and clean during normal daily activities.
    • Notify coach, parents, AND athletic trainer of suspicious lesions
    • Seek proper first aid
    • Follow the directions of your healthcare provider