Tigers News · OHS National Signing Day 2018


2018 National Signing Day’s final date is Wednesday, April 12th.  All Seniors who are moving on to play collegiate sports are invited to the Oakville Signing Day!

On April 12th at 9:30am in the Library, OHS is hosting a Letter of Intent Signing Day for ALL College Bound Student Athletes.

Please come to the Athletic Office and fill out a form as soon as possible or click below for a downloadable form.
Letter of Intent

This casual ceremony will individually recognize each student athlete on where they will be attending college and pursuing a further education as well as playing collegiate sports!  The district will take picture and publish with the St. Louis Post Dispatch as well as other local media outlets.  [We encourage each student athlete to wear a tshirt or sweatshirt of the college of university they will be attending.]

We’d like to recognize your success!