Tigers News · FISHSTLCup Catfish Event – Tigers with the Biggest Catch

The 2018 FISHSTLCup qualifying round finale provided a competition lead change and a first catfish surprise at South Lake in Willmore Park.  A total of 31 anglers and coaches from 6 teams combined to catch 15 catfish during the April 29th event.  Fishing began with Webster Groves catching the first fish and first catfish, opening up an early lead.  Webster Groves’ luck continued as one of their anglers landed her first catfish ever.  But then, Oakville 1 and Marquette began matching each other’s catches to battle for the lead.  Marquette opened up a sizeable lead during a productive second rotation, when Oakville 1 closed the gap by landing a double-header right at the closing horn.  Along the way, Oakville 2 landed the big catfish of the day – a nice 19.3” channel catfish!  But in the end, Marquette’s second session lead was large enough to win the event (see final results below).  Congratulations Marquette High School!

 Adding the April 29th point totals to the remainder of the 2018 events, Marquette High School overtook Webster Groves to be the 2018 FISHSTLCup total point champion (see 2018 results below).  Chaminade came in 3rdplace.  Congratulations Marquette, Webster Groves, and Chaminade!

Congratulations to Oakville’s Elmedin Besic as he had the biggest catch of the day!

 2018 FISHSTLCup Final Results

Place Team Points
1 Marquette 518.7
2 Webster Groves 462.1
3 Chaminade 358.4
4 Oakville 1 330.7
5 Oakville 2 247.6
6 Kirkwood 159.5
7 Parkway West 26
8 St. Louis University 0

In addition to having the most total points during 2018, Marquette High School also won 2 species titles.  Species champions for 2018 were:

Trout – Marquette

Bass – Webster Groves

Panfish – Chaminade

Catfish – Marquette

 Congratulations to all teams for a fun qualifying round.  The championship round will take place during spring of 2019 which will also be the 50th anniversary of the St. Louis Urban Fishing Program.  See you all during the chase for the FISHSTLCup in 2019!   #FISHSTLCup