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The St. Louis Suburban Public High School Athletic and Activities Association New Pool Alignment

In the fall of 2018 the St. Louis Suburban Athletic and Activities Association will begin assigning teams by sport to various pools based on competitive balance.  Football will be added in 2020 after the current scheduling obligations are fulfilled.  These pools will be reevaluated every two years with input from each school.

The Association believes that athletics and activities are an integral part of the high school experience and that participation keeps students engaged which leads to better student outcomes. It is the hope of the association that this new pool alignment will:

  • Promote diversity, sportsmanship, safety and skill development through appropriate balanced competition.
  • Encouraging student participation in athletics and grow all sports within the school and the Suburban Association.
  • Create a more competitive atmosphere during pool games
  • Alleviate safety concerns during competition for the competitors.
  • Gives schools flexibility to schedule outside of the Suburban Association and keep rivalry games intact.
  • Allow all athletes and teams to identify as one Suburban Association and not three separate conferences.


See below for frequently asked questions and their answers.

So how does this look for Oakville?  See below:

Fall Sports

  • Boys Soccer =  Yellow Pool
  • Boys Swim = Green Pool
  • Softball = Yellow Pool
  • Volleyball = Red Pool
  • Girls Tennis = Red Pool
  • Girls Golf = Red Pool
  • Football = Orange Pool (starts 2020)
    • Rockwood Summit
    • Oakville
    • Fox
    • Mehlville
    • Northwest
    • Seckman

Winter Sports

  • Boys Basketball = Green Pool
  • Girls Basketball = Green Pool
  • Girls Swim = Red Pool
  • Wrestling = Green Pool

Spring Sports

  • Baseball = Yellow Pool
  • Girls Soccer = Yellow Pool
  • Boys Tennis = Red Pool
  • Boys Golf = Yellow Pool
  • Track & Field = Red Pool

Some sports will stay as is as they schedule outside of the Suburban Conference due to numbers of teams that actually play and numbers of teams that participate at one time;

  • Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Boys Volleybal
  • Water Polo
  • Girls Lacrosse

Below you will find a comprehensive list of what school is in each pool for the different sport offerings: