Tigers News · Oakville Announces Activities/Athletics Plan for July 6, 2020

Mehlville School District Administrators and Activities Directors have been working diligently to allow staff and students to return to activities/athletes in a safe environment beginning July 6th [Mehlville’s Stage 3].
We will be following the guidelines and recommendations of the following outlets;
  • Mehlville School District plan for return
  • St. Louis County Health Department
  • Mercy Re-socialization to Sports Plan
Initial guidelines that we will use are as follows;
  • Students and staff will self-screen that they do not show any COVID symptoms and sign in daily before entering the facilities for activities.
  • The number of students will be limited per area on campus.
  • Participants will be dressed for their activity (no locker rooms available), bring their own hand sanitizer and their own water bottles (labeled).
  • Parent Drop off/Pick up; no spectators
  • Scheduled hand sanitizing, frequent wiping down of equipment after individual use.
  • Focus of interaction during Stage 3 (MSD) Return to Play Phase 2
    • Social distancing should apply as much as possible except in brief on-on-one drills (6’ feet)
    • Limitation on Gatherings
      • Modified practices and workouts should continue to ensure social distancing.   Modified practices for High risk sports should be done with minimal protective equipment (e.g. helmets only for football).
      • Students should wear their own appropriate workout clothing. There should be no shared athletic towels, clothing or shoes between students. Individual clothing/towels should be washed and cleaned after every workout.
      • All athletic equipment (including balls) should be cleaned intermittently during practices and contests.
      • Hand sanitizer should be used throughout practices.
      • Athletic equipment such as bats, batting helmets and catchers gear should be cleaned between each use.
      • Maximum lifts should be limited and power cages should be used for squats and bench presses. Spotters should stand at each end of the bar

Watch for communications from your sport’s coach to regarding further instructions regarding dates & times, drop-off & pick-up procedures, etc.  Thank you for your flexibility and patience.  This time continues to be unique and together we will work through it.