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Spectator Guidelines

Per the St. Louis County Health Department update on Youth Sports Guidelines, going into effect on Wednesday, October 7th student athletes will now be allowed two (2) spectators at games.  All spectators will continue to be required to social distance and wear face coverings when at these events.  Oakville High School will use a voucher system for home events, which means the student athlete will bring home two vouchers to be completed by the spectator and used for entry into the game.  At away games, spectators will be expected to follow the contact tracing requirements at those schools.  Please note that some events & facilities WILL NOT be able to have spectators due to the size of the venue or the amount of participants involved (ie. swim and cross county).  Communications will come from the coach on what you will need to do; voucher, sign in, complete a QR code online signature, etc.

St. Louis County Guidelines

To view the entire document, click here  >  https://stlcorona.com/sites/default/assets/pdfs/dph-orders/st-louis-county-dph-orders-youth-sports-guidelines-10052020-0.pdf

  • Spectator Restrictions

    Due to ongoing widespread community transmission of COVID-19, it is recommended that persons who are not essential for athletic activity operations including Spectators, volunteers, parents/guardians, or non-essential visitors, not be allowed. At most, each athlete shall be allowed two Spectators to observe gameplay; however, they must comply with St. Louis County’s face covering and social/physical distancing requirements. The athletic leaders are responsible for controlling the number of Spectators to enforce the social distancing restrictions.

    • LIMITED Spectators are allowed  – up to two Spectators per athlete are allowed to attend, unless capacity limitations and/or other limitations impact the ability to comply with social distancing.
    • Spectators are required to  comply at all times with all requirements for facial coverings and social distancing.
    • In NO event shall the number of Spectators exceed the capacity limitation of the space. If the maximum capacity limitation does not allow 6 feet of distance between every set of Spectators throughout the event, the athletic directors and facility management are responsible for further limiting the crowd to reach compliance with social distancing.
    • In calculating capacity limitations, all coaches, officials, participants, Spectators and any other person in attendance shall be included.
    • An athletic director, school, club, team, or sporting venue (fields, courts or other sport facility) is allowed to further limit the number of or prohibit Spectators if enforcing these restrictions is not practicable.
    • For any event in which the capacity of the venue does not allow the full number of limited Spectators (2 per participant), the athletic leaders are responsible for identifying a reasonable accommodation in order to meet the capacity restrictions  and to provide parent communication in the event of an injury or emergency if parents are not present.

Friday Night Football

Friday, October 9 Oakville will host Mehlville for the home opener (pending approval of our safety and spectator plan by the St. Louis Health Department).  Game time will be 7:00 pm with Senior Nights for football, dance & cheer to begin at approximately 6:00 pm.  All spectators will be required to have a completed VOUCHER to enter our facility and will be required to social distance and wear a face coverings at all times.  Everyone’s cooperation is appreciated!

Thank you for all of your patience and support and flexibility as we continue to navigate the ever changing landscape of Fall Sports this year.