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Oakville Boys Golf
Spring Season

We are rapidly approaching the beginning of the golf season and I know that Coach Traxler and I are looking forward to a Spring of golf and achievement for Oakville Golfers!  Below you will find some important start of season information so you are prepared to hit the links.

Tryouts Begin:  Monday, March 1, 2021

In order to participate student athletes must:

  • Register on Register My Athlete
  • Pay Athletic Fee (if applicable)
  • Have their own set of golf clubs, golf bag, balls, and tees
    • Golfers who make the team will be provided with an Oakville golf bag for the season
  • Have a couple of face masks (primary and back up)


Practice / Tryouts will be held regardless of the weather

  • On very cold days or rainy days please check your email for practice location updates
  • In the event of a district snow day, practice will also be canceled.

Golf on Google Classroom


  • Google Classroom will be our method of communication to golf team members.  Prospective Golfers should join this classroom using the classroom code:  54wxjy3


Clubs and Transportation

  • During normal years and this year, students are not able to transport their clubs to and from school on a school bus.  
    • The golf team can ride with their clubs on a school bus to practice, matches, and tournaments.
    • This school year presents even more challenges regarding clubs.  Please see the options below:

For Tryouts and Practices

Matches / Tournaments and Transportation

  • For all matches held at Quail Creek, we will follow the same procedure as for practices / tryouts identified above.
  • For all matches and tournaments not held at Quail Creek the Varsity and JV team will ride a bus. 
    • Students who Transport Clubs and Provide Own Transportation will need to meet their coach outside Gym A by 2:30 in order to take the team bus to the away match.
    • For some tournaments varsity players may provide their own transportation, but this will be dependent on availability of individual transportation and designated start times.  More information will be made available as we get closer to tournaments.

Tryouts and Procedures

  • Ideally, the golf team will consist of 16 golfers.  The top 8 golfers will be on the Varsity with the remainder on the JV.
    • Maintaining more than 16 is possible, but it presents some logistical challenges in that we share the golf course with three other schools who also expect time on the course and we will encounter leagues once we get to April.  
    • 16 golfers equates to 4 foursomes.  Golfers above this number lead to some complications regarding scheduling at the course.
  • Tryout Procedures:
    • It is our intention to have golfers play the same holes each day and to record their scores on those holes.  We can then develop an average score for each golfer for comparison.
      • Golfers will keep their own score and the score of at least one other person.  Golfers will validate their scores with their playing partners at the conclusion of their round, sign their scorecards, and turn their cards in to one of the coaches.
      • Coaches will supervise tryouts and resolve any scoring disputes.
    • The final decision for cuts will come down to:
      • Tryout score average
      • Academic performance and eligibility
      • Student discipline history
    • Seniors will not be allowed to play on the Junior Varsity team

Golf Dress Code

  • Since practices, matches, and tournaments are held at golf courses, there is a dress code that must be followed every day.
    • Golf pants (no jeans or cargo pants)
      • When the weather warms up, golf shorts may be possible
    • Golf shirt with a collar
      • Please have a coat or other warm clothing when it is cold

Prospective golfers, please listen to announcements for an information meeting to take place in early February!

Please reach out to me via email with any questions that you may have.

Coach Rodney Gerdes