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Athletic/Activity Survey 

Oakville High School Athletic Staff:

Athletic Director: Becky Czuppon 

Athletic Assistant: Suzette Mora

Athletic Office Phone: 314-467-7202

Athletic Office FAX: 314-467-7199

Athletic Trainer: Keyana Smith, Athletico Physical Therapy

Trainer Office Phone: 314-467-7206

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Parent of an Athlete Information:

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Parent Meeting Video

Concerns regarding individual programs.  Where to start = Parent Coach Communication Information

Click this link for details from the NCAA Eligibility Center – must reads for the college bound student athlete!


Track & Field Availability Information [2018 on]

Track is OPEN Monday thru Friday from 6:00am – 8:00pm
No availability on the weekends or school holidays

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Summary of season records and post season advancements.

Year in Sports – 2009      Year in Sports – 2010      Year in Sports – 2011
Year in Sports – 2012      Year in Sports – 2013      Year in Sports – 2014
Year in Sports – 2015      Year in Sports – 2016      Year in Sports – 2017


Admission to Home Games:
$2 for Mehlville School District High School Student who have their School I.D.’s
FREE for those under 5 years of age, students with a Gold/Silver Card or Mehlville School District residents 60 years of age or older with a District 60plus Gold Card.  (Contact Athletic Office for these cards 314-467-7202.)

Fall Season charges
Varsity Football = $5 or $2 with a Mehlville School District High School Student I.D. Card
JV / Freshmen Football = $4  / $2 with a  Mehlville School District High School Student I.D. Card
Soccer = $4  / $2 with a  Mehlville School District High School Student I.D. Card
Volleyball = $4  / $2 with a  Mehlville School District High School Student I.D. Card
Winter Season charges
Boys/Girls Basketball = $4  / $2 with a  Mehlville School District High School Student I.D. Card
Wrestling = $4  / $2 with a  Mehlville School District High School Student I.D. Card
Spring Season charges
Soccer = $4  / $2 with a  Mehlville School District High School Student I.D. Card
Volleyball = $4  / $2 with a Mehlville School District High School Student I.D. Card

All Sport Passes – available in the athletic office
Fall = $45 adults / $35 students
Winter = $40 adults / $30 students
Spring = $30 adults / $20 students

Admission to Away Games:
Admission may be charged at away events. Please be prepared.  You are welcome to contact the schools directly if necessary, but here is a list from the Suburban Conference’s last survey.  CLICK HERE  Please be advised however that each individual school can charge an admission whether it is listed here or not.

Oakville High School & the Mehlville School District believes that interscholastic athletics provides a comprehensive opportunity to supplement the total educational experience.  An experience, that allows students to grow emotionally, mentally, socially and physically through athletics.  Participation in any activity or athletic program is a privilege and comes with a responsibility to your school, to the athletic or activity program, to the student body, to the community and to his/her family.

The Mehlville School District and Oakville High School believes that it is the function of the athletic/activity department to provide sports/activities which are interesting, wholesome, stimulating and enjoyable for all students.  Their overall objectives are to develop physical fitness, sports habits and skills, sports understanding, sportsmanship, and a spirit or competitiveness in each student.

Athletic Permit Cards are ONLY available in the Athletic Office (they double as a file folder, so they will not be mailed).  The APC are a comprehensive form for student athletes to provide emergency information, insurance information, physical information, student & parent agreement(s) for athletics and participation, sportsmanship contract, code of conduct & concussion awareness statements.

A new physical is required each year you try-out for sports and must be dated after February 1st.  Any physical dated after February 1st  will be honored for the remainder of the school year and the following school year.  NOTE: Any falsification of physicals will result in suspension from the team for ten (10) consecutive practices or game days 

All students who wish to participate in athletic activities are required to pay a fee of $50.  This fee will be due prior to participation in practice.  The athletic activity fee guarantees only that the student is eligible to tryout for the team and participate in practice.  This fee does not guarantee equal playing time.

The athletic activity fee will not include payment for the required physical examination necessary for athletes to participate.  Each student will be required to get a physical examination and provide proof of the same by submitting a physical examination form, signed by a physician, to the Athletic Director’s office prior to his/her participation in the first practice.

If a student drops out of participation during the first week after practice begins, he/she will be entitled to a full refund of the athletic activity fee.  After the first week of practice for any given sport, no refunds will be made.

  • If a student is removed from an athletic team for academic failure or disciplinary reasons, no refunds will be issued.
  • If a student is injured and is unable to participate in the athletic program AND no longer attends practice/games, a refund will be made.
  • If a student does not make the team for which he/she tried out, a full refund will be made (the student athlete is responsible to pick-up his/her check/cash from the athletic office, unclaimed fees will be deposited).

Freshmen          All students entering freshman year are eligible to participate in athletics and must be currently enrolled in 6 classes.  Winter and Spring athletes must have passed 6 classes during first semester of the school year they are in.       

Soph/Jr/Sr         In order to be eligible to participate in athletics, you must have passed 6 classes during the second semester of the previous school year and be currently enrolled in six classes.  Winter and Spring athletes must have passed 6 classes during the first semester of the school year they are in.  Please notice these requirements = 6 passing grades!

All equipment issued to an athlete is his/her responsibility.  An athlete whose equipment is not returned will be charged the replacement price, regardless of condition.  Athletes who delay the returning of their equipment, including leaving it in their gym locker, may face administrative action and report cards and/or transcripts will be held until all delinquent equipment is either returned or paid for.

INSURANCE – (Student Provided)
Mehlville School District does not purchase medical insurance for athletes and is not liable for injury expense.  The Missouri State High School Activities Association requires that each student have an insurance policy in effect before your child is eligible to practice or compete in interscholastic sports.


As a member of the Missouri State high School Activities Association, it is our belief that interscholastic activities are an integral part of the secondary curricular program and an extension of the classroom.  Our school’s program shall supplement the curricular program of the school and shall provide the most worthwhile experiences possible.  These expectations shall result in learning situations that contribute to the development of the attributes necessary for good citizenship.

Fundamentals of High School Activities:  When hosting an event, the opponent should be treated as guests and treated cordially.  Officials should be recognized as impartial arbitrators who are trained to do their job with the best of their ability.  Familiarity with the current rules of the game and the recognition of the necessity for a fair contest are essential.  Sportsmanship requires one to understand his or her own bias and the ability to prevent the desire to win from overcoming rational behavior.  Applause for an opponent’s good performance is a demonstration of generosity and good will and should not be looked at negatively.

Expectations of Students/Parents:  Your enthusiasm as a participant or spectator includes a vital responsibility for good sportsmanship.  Your habits and reactions determine the quality of sportsmanship which reflects upon our school and community.


  • Positive support for every student athlete and every activity and athletic program.
  • Encourage your child to be a self-advocate; speak to the coach first regarding questions or concerns.
  • OHS Tigers Chain of Command
    • Student to Team Level Coach
    • Parent to Team Level Coach
    • Parent to Head Coach
    • Student and Parent to Athletic Director
    • Parent to Head Principal


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